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Breast Cancer…  We hear of it , or have had it, or fear it.  Or our lives have been touched by it through our family members, co-workers, friend’s experience.  It is very real, and very prevalent, not just as the #1 killer in women 30-50, but is now showing up in younger and younger women, teens, and children as young as 3.  Men are also seeing more breast enlargement, lumps and breast changes being diagnosed as breast cancer as well, or gynecomastia.
Out of fear due to familial risks, some people are opting to radically get their breasts lopped off.  However that is not the answer, as cancer will occur if lifestyle issues are not minimalized.   Cancer is a symptom.  Like ripping of a scab to prevent bleeding.  Cancer is a response to many factors just as a scab is a response to the creation of a wound.  There are many ways to get hurt to cause oneself to bleed and create a scab, and as such the same with many, many cancers.Just as a Dr. once told me that I run the risk of developing heart disease based on family history.  I beg to differ.  It could be my outcome if I drank alcohol daily, smoked 2 and a half packs of cigarettes daily, soaked bread with butter into pans of grease drippings and consumed large portions of red meat on a daily basis.  I chose differently.  I was on the path, but it is never too late to change the direction of the path.  So it is with breast cancer as well.  May this be the lifeline of hope you have been looking for.
1.  Epigenetics – You Are What You Think…   Epigenetics is the study of gene changes in a person without DNA changes.  These are the effects of modifiable changes on our genes that create changes in our gene structure.   Let’s look at this. It is the effect of our thinking that brings about changes in our gene expression resulting in physical changes.   Do you ever find yourself worrying about an actual physical condition, only to get it?  Then you say…  “I just knew this would happen to me”.  Look at the word “knew” .  Knowledge is a function of the mind, of thinking, learning, conditioning.  You are what you think.  Want to NOT get something, then change a different outcome.  Even if you have something that is worrisome, or troubling.  You can think your way into AND you can think your way out.
2. The Law of Attraction – What You Focus On Expands…   Just as Epigenetics shows the actual physical outcomes of our thoughts physically, so is what we thinking about affecting what shows up in your life.  Have you ever had the experience of thinking about  say… white cars.  You always drove a blue car, but you suddenly decide that the next car will be white, and then you seem to notice nothing but while cars.  So it is with our life.  If you are a happy person you attract happy people, your life is happy .  Same with health, if you think about a certain condition that you do not want to have, you will attract it to yourself, either in being surrounded with people with it, or you will attract it to yourself.  I remember being in nursing training and as we went through the study of illness an all the various types, I remember saying I don’t want that…  Surprisingly many of those things I didn’t want showed up in my life, either directly  or in those who I surrounded myself with.   Surprise???  NOT.   Stop the train of your thoughts, change the course of your thinking and change your life.  Do it now, not tomorrow.
3. We Are What We Eat –  In a world where there is fast food for people on the run, our busy  dine and dash lifestyle is hurting us.  REALLY!  Taking our kids to the fast food restaurant for a treat, or on the way to ballet and hockey practice is not giving our children the right building blocks to fuel the amazing creation that our life is meant to live in.  Ractopamine is rampant in our commercially bread livestock that becomes the burrito, hamburger, deep fried chicken treat, and even in our grocery store offerings. Banned in 160 countries, but  not in North America, this chemical is just one that is given to create faster to finish meat products.  Not only that but genetically modified organisms that appear as plumper peppers,  disease resistant feeds, chemically laced skins on fruits that are eaten.  The outcomes are to create more to market volume of various foods that are disease resistant, more eye appealing.  Often picked before maturity and then sprayed with ripening agents.    The genetic  effects to us who consume these, need to know that those chemicals do not magically disappear when we consume the foods, but have an effect on us, often not seen  for years, but as reproduce,  what effect on our offspring?  What  effect on the precious breast milk we feed to our children?  What effect on our breasts?   Look for smaller country markets, weekend markets, organic farmers, and simply demand our supermarkets stock  more organic foods.  Shop more often.  Make shopping an educational experience rather than a weekly chore.    Take time to focus more on meals and mealtime as a time of  honour to your body, your family and your  health.
3. Everything is Energy …  It cannot be created nor destroyed, but it is changeable.  Einstein proved this time and time again.  You can do this to.  Have you heard of Dr. Emoto and the water experiment where he took very polluted water, froze it and examined it under a high powered microscope and observed the crystalline structure of it as malformed, ugly and dirty.  Then taking the same polluted water and exposed it to the energy of various emotions and music, names of people and then examined the water again.  Observing how the crystalline structure changed depending on the positivity or negativity of that emotional energy the water received.  The most breathtakingly beautiful  being those exposed to  the most positive.   As such, we are around 70%  water.  What is your water structure looking like?  Surround yourself with balance, bliss, happiness, love and go into a place of  beauty and watch your body respond in beauty, health, vitality, and wellness simply by immersing yourself more and more into the positive energy zone and watch what happens.

4. Be Proactive…  By the time breast cancer shows up in the form of a palpable lump, it may have been insidiously growing  for 5 or even 10 years..  Like I say, breast cancer is a symptom.  If you do find a lump, do not panic, although that is the first emotion we step into.  When we then go to the Dr. we are panicked and we immediately go into the system.  Swept on the arms of a system of mammogram, biopsy, lumpectomy, Cancer clinics, surgery, chemo, radiation and onward. Or it was found on a mammogram, unbeknownst to you prior. Shock, terror, fear, set in.  All negative thinking, and fear riddled.  There are a lot of false positives and also false negatives in this process.   I believe it is important to do Breast Self exams and not wait for your annual exam.  I believe that when a lump is found,  do not presume it is cancer.  There are many reasons why lumps occur.  If you have not stopped to pause to really examine your life, your thoughts , your stress,  then a lump is a time to pause and do a deep personal reflection. Immediately make changes to your thinking, your eating, your  emotions, and your stress.  Look at what you can immediately hit the pause button.  Also at that time, but hopefully earlier, you will find a thermography clinic, and have a breast thermogram as a second opinion.  Thermography is a non radiating, non physically invasive, or painful  scan that picks up on lumps, growths, both cancerous and non cancerous and looks for these images, and also for the increased vascularity which accompanies a cancerous growth.  It is totally safe for all ages.  And also read by experts highly trained in the field.  Get that 2nd opinion and  preferably by doing this earlier in your life so that patterns can be followed and monitored over time.  However it is never too late to incorporate this as well.  Thermography has the potential to pick up on possible abnormal growths  years in advance of a mammogram.
Being proactive is the key to vibrant health and happy living  well in advance rather than falling into damage control after the fact.  Life is not meant to be riddled in fear, and anxiety, but lived vibrantly.  It is my hope that this article will awaken a life time of changes rather than New Years resolutions that will be broken yet again.  Make this year a breakthrough year of hope, happiness and health.
Brenda Pearce, RN, is known as the Empowered Nurse.  Through her 3 decades of nursing she has seen it all.  She provides triage for body, mind and spirit, and takes an integrative approach to wellness.  She is a Reiki Master Teacher, College Instructor, front line nurse, podcast host, TV show host, and best selling contributing author to the #1 World Wide acclaimed “Embraced By The Divine – The Emerging Woman’s Gateway to Power Passion & Purpose”.  She has her own media network online, and is co-convener of The Breast Show In Town .  She believes integrative health is the new frontier and is a board member of the not for profit  PRIM – People’s Right To Integrative Medicine