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PRIM The Voice of the People

We are PRIM (People’s Right to Integrative Medicine) a Doctor2registered not-for-profit organization staffed by volunteers and founded in 2011. PRIM was formed to represent the voice of the people for the protection of the rights of all Canadians to ensure unobstructed access to integrative medicine. It is PRIM’s belief that physicians practicing integrative medicine are being unlawfully harassed and threatened with sanctions and licence revocation for providing safe and trusted complementary therapies to their patients.

PRIM stands for justice for all and we’re calling on all Canadians to join our Happy young people eating healthy salad for lunch. Multiracial group having a break on beach snacking on a vegan takeaway meal of green veggies and carrots laughing together. Casual lifestyle.fight. The law is on our side and we will vigorously defend these rights using all legal tools available to combat this injustice. We have the determination and with our collective voices we shall be heard from coast to coast to bring about reform to unjust practices affecting our health and that of our loved ones.

Integrative Medicine has benefitted thousands of Canadians of all ages over the years through safe, effective non – toxic White clock with words Time for Action on its facecomplementary therapies which are meant to accompany, standard medical practices and serve an important role in the health and well being of all people across Canada.



You will receive 8 questions to ask your doctor anytime YOU are prescribed drugs, the book SAFETY FIRST that dispels myths about complementary therapies AND our monthly newsletter.

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